COVID-19 Update

As the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to develop worldwide, the Mick George Group has implemented a number of precautionary measures to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of its employees and customer base, while minimising any contribution to further spread of the virus.

At present, we would reiterate that from a service perspective, business operations will continue as normal, without disruption. There will be little, or no change at all for any clients regarding any forthcoming communications, orders or deliveries scheduled with the Mick George Group.

The situation is constantly evolving and if such time arises, whereby the Government enforces any sanctions that would impact the daily operations of the Mick George Group, contingency plans will be activated to ensure that business functions remain largely unaffected, especially for our customers.

Staff segregation, re-routing of calls and logistical factors have all been agreed, so should any quarantine be implemented on our central headquarters, then the business is sufficiently placed to deal with any fall out, with all phone enquiries, orders and payments handled as normal.

At the current time, our operational sites and distribution networks are open for business as usual and are not likely to be identified for any restrictions. 

Increased sanitation aids have been implemented throughout all of our sites to facilitate improved hygiene for all parties. This includes, but is not limited too; drivers wearing the appropriate gloves, clothing and protective equipment (wipes), as well as the introduction earlier this year of paperless tickets. 

However, we would urge that physical visits to our Huntingdon Head Office are limited unless considered entirely necessary. Collections and tipping of aggregates and concrete from / to our facilities remain unchanged.

Despite any changes implemented to safeguard all stakeholders associated with the Mick George Group, we’re confident that we’ll be able to retain the same high-levels of service for our customers that we have always aspired too.

We would advise that you continue to communicate with us using all existing channels (see below) as you always have. In addition, our online Skip Hire service at can be used for ordering.

* Pricing Enquiries: 

* Aggregate Orders:

* Skip Orders: 

For information on how to order via email, click here.

or call 0800 587 3329

We recognise that current times are unsettling for all parties, and although much of what is happening remains firmly out of our control, rest assured that the Mick George Group will be doing all it can to limit any disruption to your business.