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12.12.2016 - Construction by numbers......

Construction in any format can often be a stressful experience for a whole array of reasons. Perhaps you don’t have the skillset to complete, the time to undertake the necessary works, or even just the desire and motivation to start what you know is inevitably going to become a difficult task.

Well, your luck is in! George Blocks will relieve each and every one of those concerns. They may look like your standard builder’s block, and even perform in the same vein, but they most definitely don’t require the same level of effort to construct.

George Blocks provide a complete, flexible, quick and easy way to build walls. Their interlocking design means that Cement isn’t required, and they can be used over and over again. You don’t have the hassle of digging out foundations, as you can simply maneuver the blocks in to position freely.

And all this without diminishing performance. Available in a range of sizes dependent on requirement, these fire resistant and soundproof blocks can be installed for a variety of applications. Most commonly used for segregation, partitioning, security protection, storage and general barriers or delineation, whatever your industry, George Blocks have a place.

Garry Woodcock, Concrete Operations Manager commented: ‘’Not only is there a practical demand for the George Blocks, but it is an extremely efficient mechanism to utilise our resources. Often we have surplus Concrete from deliveries that would otherwise be wasted, so to produce something that has a tangible use seems logical.’’

Woodcock continued: ‘’We have supplied the blocks in both small and large quantities to other organisations for different purposes, but all have been very satisfied with the results.’’


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