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04.04.2016 - Consortium champions national monopoly challenge

Increasingly our highstreets and shopping centres are becoming dominated with national brands and chains that are making it inherently difficult for local businesses to compete or survive among such superpowers backed by major financial support, often from overseas.

Not only is this apparent on the frontline with consumers greeted with national supermarket, pub, restaurant and retail outlet chains, but also behind the scenes, for those local companies competing for the waste management services of those organisations, which accounts for around 30% of the waste collected in the UK.

The National Resource Consortium (NRC) is tackling the problem head on. Formed by likeminded independent local waste and recycling companies, all market leaders in their respective regions, the aim is to break the national account monopoly of the large corporate waste managers, and in turn distribute the work to local businesses who are unable to benefit from such geographical coverage.

One of the members of the initiative is Mick George Ltd, who serves the Peterborough, Northants, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes areas for national contracts awarded to the NRC. What they, like other contributing associates of the NRC deliver is a collective experience and capability in the industry that far outstrips the national organisations with a target of over 90% of all materials being recycled.

Neil Johnson, Technical Director at Mick George Ltd said: ‘’Competition is something our business welcomes as it encourages us to improve, strive for the best and continue to innovate in order to provide a better service for our clients.’’

Johnson continues: ‘’However, we’re strong advocates of supporting our local communities and building a better climate for businesses to operate alongside one another at the expense of the large corporate players who have limited recognition or acknowledgement of what really matters to local residents. We feel, Mick George Ltd like the other members of the NRC in the various territories are best placed to provide what’s required to the highest standards.’’


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