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Community Fund

In a world where we’re continually seeking revolutionary methods to boost environmental awareness that will positively contribute towards the state of the planet, it’s always nice when initiatives that have set out to achieve just that, reach landmark occasions that represent progression.

The Landfill Community Fund (LCF) is one example of the progress achieved. Said scheme is an innovative tax credit system, enabling operators of Landfill sites in England, Northern Ireland and Wales to contribute money to Environmental Bodies, that then disseminate funds to community or environmental based projects.

The concept was principally conceived as a mechanism to promote more environmentally sustainable ways of Waste Management, and has since become a valuable source of income to third-party enterprizes throughout the country, helping to stimulate further works in the economy.

For the majority of us, we attribute the term ‘Tax’ with negative connotations, and an expenditure that individuals and corporate businesses pay with a level of disgruntlement. But in this instance, that certainly isn’t the case and this particular financial outlay is something welcomed by organisations in the industry, not to mention the fortunate recipients.

One business that voluntarily contributes to the initiative is Mick George Ltd, who has a dedicated ‘Community Fund’ for donating monies. Since 2010, Mick George Ltd has backed over 85 individual developments, to a value that surpasses £3 million pounds.

The genre of assistance is widely spread, from conservation, sports, educational, healthcare, social, right through to heritage, with the actual works conducted hugely ranging. Mick George Ltd has supported projects throughout five separate counties, including Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

The above figures are substantial enough in isolation, but when you consider that these are only a fraction of what the overall LCF has generated, it definitely makes for encouraging reading. Top line figures include; £1.5 billion total funding and 56,000 unique projects.

lcf anniversary

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at the Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’As a business we’re particularly active in engaging with the communities in which we operate, with a whole array of partnership agreements of a financial and service orientation, that we’re very proud of.’’

Stump continued: ‘’The benefits of the LCF is twofold, not only are the end users immensely satisfied with the delivery of ‘something’ that was previously out of reach for financial reasons, but equally there are economic advantages with a strong work force from various disciplines behind each of the respective projects.’’


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