Waste Balers, Compactors and Recycling Equipment

Save money and increase revenue with our Recycling Equipment

Whether you want to reduce your waste costs or generate a new revenue stream from the sale of recyclables, Mick George Ltd have a solution for you. We supply a comprehensive range of Waste Balers & Compactors to buy or rent at very competitive prices.

Our Recycling Equipment is designed to reduce the amount of space occupied on your business premises by waste, and save money through lower waste collection and handling costs improving your carbon footprint. All equipment is supplied with the following:

  • Free site survey

  • Free delivery and installation
  • Free training
  • Fully warranted maintenance
  • Free after sales support
Recycling Equipment
  • Equipment Benefits
  • Waste Compactors
  • Waste Balers

Recycling Equipment Benefits include:

> Improve waste management
> Reduce waste collection costs
> Save time and increase efficiency
> Improve your working environment
> Increase available working space

Waste Compactors will compress waste materials together, that are unable to be baled, so it takes up less space and is easier to handle, freeing up valuable storage space and the requirement of any additional collections. We have a range of both Static and Mobile Waste Compactors available, including:

CS Static Compactor – Open Hopper

Static Waste Compaction System with heavy duty open top bulk loading hopper.

CS Static Compactor with Bin Lift

Static Waste Compaction System with hydraulic side bin lift. Everything to fulfil your waste and recycling equipment needs.

Portable Compactor

Our skip and RORO portable compactors are suitable for general and food waste, where environmental and hygiene requirements demand a sealed unit.

Balers are designed to prepare recyclables into valuable wire-bound bales (approximately 1m2) ready for collection. They can create new revenue, and save the requirement for on-site containers. We have a range of Waste Balers available, including:

Vertical Mill Size Baler

Producing mill-size bales this baler is built to the highest standards, designed to increase rebate revenues on recycling materials like cardboard and shrink wrap.

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler

Closed end baling press with open hopper ideal for sites wanting to reduce manual labour due to the semi-automatic start stop technology.

Improve Your Waste Management Systems Today

One of our dedicated Recycling Consultants will visit your business and complete a full waste management audit looking at your different waste streams, site layout and current waste disposal costs.

They will then recommend the right Recycling Equipment for your business to help save time, money and space, plus increase revenue opportunities through rebates on recyclable commodities such as baled cardboard and paper.


We started working with Mick George Ltd at the end of 2015 and are thoroughly impressed with their services. Our business requires a responsive service and quick turnarounds to ensure our operation runs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible which Mick George Ltd have proved they can deliver. We are now looking into other Mick George Ltd services that our businesses can work together on to continue our relationship in the years to come.