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The way that waste is being disposed of continues to evolve, and increasingly, so has the emphasis on businesses to embrace such changes, making sure that their waste is managed appropriately from start to finish.

Pressures from regulatory bodies, and amends in legislation means that business operators now intentionally have to build ‘waste management’ more conservatively in to their strategic plans.

However, those who have, will have noticed the huge opportunity for financial gain, if materials are disposed of utilising the new processes available, that will consequently limit any resources going to landfill.

Mick George Ltd is helping companies achieve that objective and streamline their waste, courtesy of their recent investment in a brand new Multi-Million Pound Recycling Plant. The new plant incorporates state-of-the-art, modern technology that is set to revolutionise the way waste is handled, maximising recovery and recycling rates for clients.

See for yourself, just how this works and could benefit you.


The robust facility adds to an already impressive portfolio of recycling premises, confirming Mick George Ltd at the forefront of the industry. 

The bespoke unit is optimised to process larger capacities of waste materials, in a much more advanced and methodical way than ever before, integrating innovative techniques. The main components will focus on the feeding, screening, shredding and segregation of waste materials.

Other benefits include the ability to recover greater resource ‘types’, indicatively assisting Mick George Ltd, as the company strives to achieve its zero waste to landfill aspiration. Waste that is often dismissed as ‘residual waste’, that is too small or dirty to be recycled will now be utilised as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for Power stations or similar facilities in exchange for materials such as Coal.

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We started working with Mick George Ltd at the end of 2015 and are thoroughly impressed with their services. Our business requires a responsive service and quick turnarounds to ensure our operation runs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible which Mick George Ltd have proved they can deliver. We are now looking into other Mick George Ltd services that our businesses can work together on to continue our relationship in the years to come.

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