Hosted Phone Solution

Telephony is changing at a rapid pace with traditional telephone systems fast becoming outdated. With BT announcing that ISDN will be switched off by 2025, Hosted Phone Solutions are now becoming the system of choice as they provide businesses with a cost effective way to manage telephony, with the added benefit of enterprise grade functionality.

Hosted platforms are systems that are housed in secure data centres, rather than having expensive phone systems on site. No physical telephone lines are required as they send call traffic over IP networks rather than physical ISDN lines, which means extra call capacity can be added quickly without huge investments.


HV.Select is Mick George Telecom’s fully hosted and managed High Definition IP Telephony Service. 

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HV.Select is Mick George Telecom’s fully hosted and managed High Definition IP Telephony Service, which is run on BT’s highly resilient and secure next-generation network, providing the functionality of a high-end telephone system but with no physical on-site switch.

Connection to HV.Select is easy, you simply require a reliable voice quality IP connection. For businesses with multiple sites, we provide Ethernet Circuits to ensure maximum call quality.

HV.Select is suitable for businesses of any size with single or multiple sites. We can scale from the very small single office to multisite networks or indeed large corporate headquarters, providing seamless, reliable, predictable and hassle-free levels of communication functionality.

Features which you can set up and manage within the cloud:

Standard Features

> Voice Mail with Voice Mail to email delivery
> Auto attendant (Unlimited)
> Advanced Hunt Groups
> UC Business – IM&P and Video
> CTI – Go integrator Lite (click to dial)
> iCall Report Standard

Optional Features (incur additional charges)

> Call Recording and Storage
> UCTeam – includes conferencing features
> Enhanced Reporting
> Go integrator DB Edition – CRM integration

HV Select is great at cutting costs for your business and comes fully loaded with a range of benefits which historically were only available on high end phone systems:

> Secure – built in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing
> Reliable – guaranteed 99.9% uptime backed by our SLA and in partnership with BT
> Scalable & Flexible – add users as required within 24 hours, and move phones across sites
> Future-proofed - with continual service enhancements
> Highly competitive, simple, clear pricing
> Wide range of enterprise functionality - unlimited auto- attendant, online portal and much more
> Cost saving – no upfront costs and free calls to all UK mobile networks
> No need to change existing numbers – everything still sits on the core BT network
> Mobile working – platform can be accessed from multiple devices and locations
> 24/7 support – for all of our products and services as standard
> Ease of Install – set up completed off site, meaning easy to switch with no downtime
> Voice mail to email -mobile staff can access landline voicemails via their mobile phone
> Web based portal – customers can take ownership and control of their phone system 

All hosted systems are provided on a per user, per licence basis and anyone that needs connection to the platform needs a licence irrespective of how they are connecting.

Traditional hosted platforms work on the model of cost per user per month for as long as they use the service, however the main objection is that whilst it makes a great solution when installing the technology as there are no expensive infrastructure costs, the longer you use it the more expensive it becomes.

Our Lifetime Licences provide the best of both worlds. Customers can benefit from the low entry cost that our hosted phone solution provides plus once the initial licence is paid for you have free hosted telephony for life. There is also the benefit of no future upgrade costs as technology changes, and the average customer saves between 50-70% of their current costs once the licence is paid for.

At Mick George Telecom Ltd we put customer support as our main priority. We offer as standard 24/7 365 days a year support to all our customers for all our products.

You will be supported by our UK based Helpdesk for any help that you need, line faults, system help, mobiles, there is always someone to help you achieve a swift resolution. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have access to all our systems. Even if it is a BT line fault we can do a live line test on the Openreach platform and even book the BT engineer if required. All from a single phone call.

Every user gets full training on-site from our experienced staff, and of course we are always there to help 24/7 via our Helpdesk. You will also have access to training manuals and videos online for each user. Good training is vital to maximise your experience and make the best of what the system can deliver.

If you want to take ownership of your system, we can train an administrator to manage your system for you. This means any moves or changes needed you can implement them without time or cost delay.

Hosted Phone Solution

Agile Workforce

Our excellent strategic relationships enable us to deliver market-leading communications solutions to our customers. From voice telephony (PSTN, ISDN, VoIP) and connectivity including Ethernet and ADSL and fibre broadband. HV.Select offers so much more than a traditional phone system, it enables customers to achieve an agile workforce and the ability to keep everything connected and protected. Mick George Telecom Ltd has everything you need to ensure your success in the technology-rich, digital age.

Hosted System VS Traditional PBX System (connected via ISDN/SIP)




Upfront costs

No upfront investment required as all handsets are provided free with each license

Large investment required in equipment and infrastructure set up including expensive handset costs which are typically £149 each for a reasonable quality

Call Charges

Free calls to ALL UK MOBILE NETWORKS and all 01,02 and 03 numbers

Call charges apply to all calls using ISDN and even calls to mobile networks via SIP are chargeable

Disaster Recovery

Automatic Business Continuity means our system diverts calls to any pre-programmed device/number automatically within 3 minutes, regardless of the issue

No back up plan if phone lines are damaged or disconnected costing time and potentially loss of business

Running costs

Low cost maintenance and free upgrades

High running costs to support infrastructure and system. Typical system maintenance costs average 10-12% of the initial cost of the equipment


Easy to add users as you grow with no set up fees

Complex to add extra call capacity, with time delays and extra investment required often requiring chargeable on-site engineer visits


There is a comprehensive administration portal for admin users to take ownership of the system. Users can benefit from a user portal to enhance remote working


Specialist resource required to make changes to set up often requiring expensive on-site engineer visits

Mobile Working

A free mobile app for all users allows them to make & take calls as if in the office, even presenting the office number wherever you are in the world!

Transferring calls to mobiles can be cumbersome and generally expensive


Provide state of the art functionality forever via constant free upgrades. Future –proofing your telecommunications

With ISDN being switched off by BT in 2025 traditional systems will become redundant or rely on less resilient SIP trunks

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