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Where many suppliers simply don't offer a reduced load service at all, at Mick George Ltd we run a diverse fleet which enables us to deliver your Aggregates regardless of volume.

As well as providing full 8-wheel tipper loads of up to 20 tonne loads which may incur significant part load charges for reduced requirements, we also operate smaller tippers that allow us to distribute your materials in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

As well as pricing benefits, our smaller fleet offer a host of other benefits including; easier access, split material deliveries, return muck-away loads and increased availability.

Vehicle dimensions: 6.7m length x 2.4m width x 3.3m height

Loose Aggregate Materials

aggregate materials

Coverage Area

aggregate coverage map

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Projects for Small Loads


While not all tradesmen will have a need for the mass 20 tonne delivery that a commercial contractor may need, the following will definately benefit from our Small load service:

- Builders
- Landscapers
- Screeders
- Transportation Operators
- Farmers
- DIY Enthusiasts
- Groundworkers
- Utility Providers


No matter how big or small, the formation of any external structural project is likely to have some form of Aggregate requirements. Those projects that will captilise most may include;

- Extensions / Conservatories
- Paving & Driveway
- Gardening
- Shed Bases
- Walling
- Highways
- Trenchfill
- Sandpits

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Much of our work is completed in residential settings where it isn't always appropriate to have large volumes of Aggregates delivered in one go. The 'Mini' service offered by Mick George is the perfect solution for overcoming that issue''.
Tyrone Rodgers