GeorgeBlocks provide a complete, flexible and highly cost effective construction system.

These durable, heavyweight, Concrete Blocks are easy to place and are interlocking, making them the perfect way to build both temporary and permanent structures, quickly and easily. They can save you time, money, and don’t require the hassle of cement or foundations. Not mentioning, that they can be re-used over and over.

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GeorgeBlocks are ideal for:

• General segregation
• Loading bay walls
• Silage clamps
• Earth retention
• Security/property protection
• Waste and recycling material segregation
• Scrap and steel recycling
• Security barriers
Aggregate bays
• Grain storage

GeorgeBlocks can be constructed directly on a level and firm surface, on condition that the ground is not subject to waterlogging or subsidence. No cement is required because of their interlocking design, nor is the need to dig foundations.

GeorgeBlocks can be used time and time again, with easy relocation and configuration properties. As a construction material, they provide protection from impact against the elements, and can even withstand fire restraint. 

Benefits of these interlocking construction blocks include:

• Available from stock for fast delivery
• Fire, weather and soundproof resistant
• No foundations or cement required: just place on a flat, firm base
• Solid surface for affixing informative notices / messages
• Re-useable and durable
• Various configurations: built to any height or design
• Easily stacked, stored and transported

GeorgeBlocks come in three sizes and specifications, making them suitable for all types of projects.

- Small: 4 Stud: 600mm x 600mm
- Medium: 6 Stud: 600mm x 900mm
- Large: 10 Stud: 600mm x 1500mm

Case Study

concrete george blocks
Walls, Storage and Stock Bays
March, Cambridgeshire
Goldstar Metal Traders Ltd
300 Blocks
GeorgeBlock Supply


By nature, storage facilities that provide stability are usually expensive and permanent structures. The fact that the GeorgeBlocks are a temporary feature, makes them a more efficient and flexible alternative.

Why Choose Us?

As a major supplier to UK construction, and a leading independent waste management company with over 35 years’ experience, we know exactly what you need to make sure your business succeeds.
Our continuous emphasis on investment and development ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry, providing the highest possible standards, whilst delivering sustainable and competitive solutions.
Mick George Ltd work in close partnership with charities, environmental authorities, and local communities, investing over £600,000 annually in community based projects.

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