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Mick George Ltd is a leading independent aggregate supplier and waste management organisation. We are always seeking new aggregate reserves and the opportunity to collaborate with Landowners across the country for mutual profitable benefits.

A privately owned business with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Mick George Ltd has the flexibility to consider opportunities for excavation projects both large and small. It’s what’s beneath the surface that counts.

agriculture contracting services
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Irrigation lakes provide free, sustainable and unlimited water supplies for the long term. They are an ideal way to make water work harder for you and create a new revenue stream at the same time. Not only will you save on the on-going cost of water, you can even sell surplus supplies to generate additional income.

If you have suitable aggregate reserves on your land, Mick George Ltd can excavate and extract them, leaving a professionally constructed and landscaped irrigation lake at the end of the process or return the land back to its original form.

If you have surplus land or want to earn more from existing, why not utilise the aggregates underneath?

Purchase royalty or lease royalty arrangements can be discussed which means landowners will earn directly from the aggregates we extract over a period of time. Even land with the lowest grade of minerals can still have earning potential and we will investigate all the opportunities before giving you a professional, honest and realistic appraisal.

Following any work undertaken, the land can be configured in a way that suits the landowner including being put back to its original purpose.

Our dedicated team will act as advisors and facilitators throughout, keeping your requirements at the forefront of the whole process.

Mick George Ltd will take care of all planning, application, regulatory and compliance elements whilst providing projected financial benefits. Full feasibility studies, professional advice and realistic appraisals will be submitted ahead of a full restoration of the land on project completion.

We will:

 -    Carry out a full survey and feasibility study of the land
 -    Take a bore sample and give you a professional and realistic appraisal
 -    Provide projected savings / revenue calculations to clarify your financial benefits
 -    Structure bespoke deals with maximum tax efficiency for you, the landowner
 -    Prepare planning applications and liaise with all agents on your behalf
 -    Ensure compliance with regulatory authorities including LCT and aggregate tax elements
 -    Carry out a full restoration of the land on completion of the project

We offer a trusted formula to take away the headaches of how best to maximise the value of your land. If you’ve been considering selling your land altogether, but haven’t been able to provide the funds to complete planning consent, legal requirements, deal with contaminated or development costs to ensure you get the very best return for your land, then Mick George Ltd can certainly assist.

We can provide contracting expertise and funding to enhance your asset prior to sale, as part of a joint venture, where both parties benefit.


We were always kept up to date with all activities, Mick George Ltd were open and honest from the outset moving the scheme forward in a professional manner ensuring continuous momentum. The monetary benefits are easily quantifiable. We could not speak more highly of Mick George Ltd and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other landowners contemplating similar projects.

Case Study

agriculture contracting services
Lyons Farm
Wimblington, Cambridgeshire
Nicholas Family
Bulk Earthworks, Aggregate Extract, and Reservoir Installation

Why Choose Us?

As a major supplier to UK construction, and a leading independent waste management company with over 35 years’ experience, we know exactly what you need to make sure your business succeeds.
Our continuous emphasis on investment and development ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry, providing the highest possible standards, whilst delivering sustainable and competitive solutions.
Mick George Ltd work in close partnership with charities, environmental authorities, and local communities, investing over £600,000 annually in community based projects.

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