Moisture Surveys

Moisture is often the result of a failing damp proof course in a buildings physical make-up, or worse still, the lack of a damp proof course all together. Consequently it allows water to rise up through the walls, floors and masonry via capillary action (the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces in opposition to gravity).

Don't let the presence of water in your property cause any further problems! Contact us today for your Technical Moisture Survey + Salts Analysis Test.


Our surveyors will conduct a complete assessment of the property to establish if any moisture or damp areas are present, pin-pointing the exact location and identifying the severity of the issue. 

- Protimeter: identify the presence of humidy or moisture in a buildings fabric

- Salt Analysis: testing samples of wallpaper and plaster for the presence of soil salts (nitrates and chlorides) deposited by the evaporation of soil-water (rising damp).


damp restoration

Our Clients

Our moisture assessments and restoration works are sure to benefit; property owners, tenants, landlords, estate agents, developers, plumbers, flooring contractors, insurers and loss assessors.

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Damp Causes

damp causes

- Condensation
- Rain Penetration
- Poor Insulation
- Leaking Pipework
- No / Damaged Damp Proof

Identifying Damp

Identifying Damp

- Damp Odour
- Reduced Temperature
- Rotting Timbers
- Crumbling Plaster
- Decorative Spoiling

Restoration Works

Our team of BDMA (British Damage Management Association) accredited professionals also offer a full restoration service beyond water damaged properties. This includes:

- Odour Control
- Oil Remediation
- Full Reinstatement Package Works
- Injection, Target, Speed & Trailer Drying
- Fire Damage Restoration
- Machinery & Electronics Restoration
- Mould Remediation

damp restoration