The increase in Brownfield development sites has subsequently meant ground contamination is becoming a common occurrence, reaping significant, costly and timely consequences.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) stipulates that a site cannot have gone through the planning system and still have the potential to be considered 'contaminated' under Part 2a. Whether your site is subject to a new development, voluntary remediation or suffered an environment incident, it may be necessary to remediate.

Mick George Ltd is your one-stop solution to assess, mitigate and undertake removal of gross contamination.

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Our capabilities include:

• Excavation, haulage and disposal of contaminated soils
• Soil treatment at our dedicated hazardous treatment plant
• Solidification and stabilisation of contaminated soils
• Remediation of asbestos in soils and water
• Removal of contaminants including hydrocarbons, heavy metals and invasive plants
• Bioremediation
• Site preparation including Earthworks, Cut and Fill, Crushing and 'Dig and Dump', Site Clearance and Demolition
• Outsourcing site investigation to professional partners

We have a dedicated hazardous waste treatment facility, capable of treating soils to remove contamination. Instead of disposing of contaminated soils, treatment comes with some significant benefits. The avoidance of landfill tax will result in drastic savings offset by the cost of treatment. We can arrange backloads to offset transport costs and provide all consignment notes to the client. 

In line with CLR11, a detailed options appraisal is required to ensure the most effective and sustainable remediation method is chosen. Mick George Environmental have the capabilities and experience, to produce a Remedial Options Appraisal for your site. Following this, Remediation methods include;

• Ex-situ treatment
• In-situ treatment
• Solidification and stabilisation
• Containment
• Excavation
• Augmented Bioremediation
• Cover Systems
• Permeable Reactive Barriers
• Groundwater Treatment

Mick George Ltd has the facilities and expertise to handle a wide variety of non-hazardous and hazardous contamination types including:

- Asbestos
- Hydrocarbons
- Heavy Metals
- VOCs
- Chlorinated Solvents
- Phenols
- Invasive Plants

We prefer to employ more sustainable options of remediation to avoid direct disposal at a landfill. Asbestos still poses a high risk at a lot of sites, and Mick George is one of only a few contractors that are able to remediate both asbestos and other hazardous contaminants. As such, a singular contractor will be required, saving money on cost, labour and transport. 

Our remediation team have significant experience in regulation of contaminated land sites, with expertise in contaminant migration and how it is nullified. We will consider the protection of the environment and human health.

The remediation team has close ties with the Environment Agency, and a number of good relationships within Environmental Health teams at various local authorities. As such, our liaison with regulators is productive and pragmatic, helping us achieve the results our clients desire.

We have the capabilities to undertake all assessment levels that may be required. We can produce both remedial options appraisal as well as a detailed quantitive risk assessment if you require this level of education.

As a further demonstration of our standards and capability, we are a leading member of CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments), meaning we are committed to the use of the principals of sustainability and up to date development guidance. As such, we are signed up to SuRF-UK in promoting sustainable remediation.

The full range of remediation contracting expertise within our organisation enables us to execute large projects, as well as more modest works, whilst offering sustainable solutions, within a wide variety of contractual environments. We aim to regenerate land that presents a potential risk to people and the environment.

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