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Mick George Ltd has been helping landowners unlock revenues from their land for many years. We have the experience, skills and resources to maximise the value of your land and are looking for genuine partnership opportunities. All types and sizes of plots considered - including brownfield, contaminated sites, farm or even flood land.

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We streamline the process of selling your land for development, with all our professional services underpinning it. You can choose the route we take and decide how far you want to go down the path to realising maximum development value.

• Sell Land As It Is - If you want to turn your land into cash as quickly as possible, we can help you get the best terms.

• Sell Land Remediated - If your site is contaminated or a brownfield site we have specialist Land Remediation Services in-house to clean it up and achieve a higher price from developers.

Sell Land with Planning Consent - We have a proven track record in obtaining planning consents and a highly experienced team to manage the application process. Plus we can also finance getting planning which can prove costly.

Build Finished Homes and Bring Them to Market - From Earthworks and groundworks to fully constructed homes, we have the skills and resources to develop your land and bring completed residential properties to market.

At Mick George Ltd, we have a proven track record in helping landowners unlock the full revenue potential of their land. With our experience, skills and resources, we can work in partnership with you on the journey to selling your land and securing the maximum return on your asset. Working together, we will:-

Sell your land to developers or buyers at the highest value – complete with planning consent or even completed plots.

• Unique partnership opportunities wanted - no upfront costs for you and an investment of time, resources and finance from us where required in order to maximise returns.

• A streamlined process supported by our professional, experienced and successful planning, finance and legal teams – all in-house.

• All land considered. Including greenbelt, brownfield, contaminated sites or even flood land.

We are different to land agents. We are seeking genuine partnership and joint-venture opportunities.

If you have brownfield or contaminated land, you may think you don't have the time, money or resources to make it fit for development. Or that it is not worth the investment. Our specialist Land Remediation services can turn brownfield and contaminated sites into build-ready plots quickly and efficiently - attracting the best price from buyers.

Landowners may also qualify for Land Remediation Relief (LRR), providing additional tax relief at rates of 150% of qualifying expense against taxable profits. So, it may pay to clean up your contaminated land after all and we can help and advise you accordingly.


We were always kept up to date with all activities, Mick George Ltd were open and honest from the outset moving the scheme forward in a professional manner ensuring continuous momentum. The monetary benefits are easily quantifiable. We could not speak more highly of Mick George Ltd and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other landowners contemplating similar projects.

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