Commercial Sales Intro

As anyone responsible for smooth site operations would testify, one of the vital components to succinct progression is the ability for materials to arrive at critical junctures of a project, without any hold-ups, or equally not too early, so that storage causes disruption.

All well and good, but as we know, this is just one of many variables that site-management are dealt with controlling, so there is a tendency for this task to go by-the-wayside on occasion, which could reap negative consequences.

Local business Mick George Ltd has rectified such dilemmas with the introduction of its ‘Commercial Sales’ department, who are given the duty to proactively pursue organisations that seek Aggregates, Concrete, Muck Away and Skips, among other services.

In essence, they’re making the order process their responsibility, rather than yours. Think of it as an automatic reminder. One that is useful, opposed to a partner generally nagging in your ear.

This is not a sell, sell, sell, function commonly associated with markets such ‘Wall Street’, but more of a helping-hand to take some of the day-to-day stresses away from site workers. In fact, the closest that the provision comes to ‘Wall Street’ would be the double-act that run the department.

The self-confessed ‘vain’ personality of Luke Plumb when it comes to appearance might be construed to coincide with the lead character of the movie ‘premiere’, Leonardo Di Caprio. While Matt Valentine, offers some South American linkages having previously been employed in his younger years, at Latino restaurant, Chiquito’s.

So, what does a normal day entail for the pair? Kick-started with a ‘Cwoffee’, and usually followed by a running commentary of Luke’s weekend footballing activity, the two cohesively go about targeting prospective Contractors, building useful relations with developers, groundworkers and civil engineers.

However, football discussions rarely stop there.

commercial sales bio


Working through a dedicated ‘pipeline’ that precisely targets those successful in recent tender processes, once the formalities of their requirements are out of the way, discussions usually deviate on to traditional ‘lad’ banter – given the relationship that has been struck.

For anyone that questions the validity of such a service, the figures speak for themselves. Since launch 6 months back, some 200 services have been provided to projects of varying scale and complexity, generating a considerable amount of work, which in itself signifies the value of the service to those who have been fortunate to come across it in its initiation.

It’s not just solutions either, the two frequently ‘come to the rescue’ in a Batman & Robin type fashion. They’ve prevented costly mistakes such as site personnel ordering treble the amount of necessary Concrete, as well as providing an emergency grab-lorry service for 16 tonne of Yogurt contaminated Gravel. Wonders never cease to amaze!

But seriously, while Luke certainly lives the life of a stereotypical semi-professional footballer, and he may be a Hammers fan, neither of those should be used against him! Likewise, Matt’s dedication to fitness and triathlons – Yawn, are not reasons to dislike him