Chesterton Swimming Pool

Faced with the threat of closure, Cambridgeshire Educational Trust, on behalf of Chesterton Community College has been seeking funds to rectify deterioration of the Swimming Pool liner within their Sports Centre facility.

The 17-metre indoor amenity is currently in operation every day for more than 100 hours per week, providing educational and social benefit to Chesterton College students, as well as 3,000 members of the general public wishing to pursue social swims, lessons, lane training and other water-based activities, each week.

However, with the current 6-year-old liner now failing, safety concerns have been raised. Liquids have made their way behind the liner and instigated water ingress. In an attempt to rectify, a pump was previously utilised to drain the water at ad-hoc intervals, but this wasn’t a sufficient solution longer term.

Courtesy of a £19,680 grant from local business Mick George Ltd, the group has been able to remove and replace the existing liner, as well as simultaneously completing the necessary structural and remedial work to the pool.

The Chesterton Sports Centre was added to the estate back in 2004, costing in the region of £2.9million. As well as the swimming pool, the facility also offers a sports hall, gymnasium, 3G astroturf, sports pitches, tennis courts, and aerobics studios, that provide vital curriculum and social benefits.

The College itself has recently received ‘outstanding’ classification from the Ofsted inspection completed earlier this year, and that owes largely to the pro-activity witnessed in this instance. More than 900 pupils aged 11 – 16 attend the College and will each benefit from the enhancements.

chesterton swimming pool

They said:

Jim Warwick, Chair of Trustees at Cambridgeshire Educational Trust, on behalf of Chesterton Community College said: ‘’We're extremely grateful to Mick George Ltd for the grant to replace the pool lining. The swimming pool is an essential part of our offering to the community providing both adult and junior swimming lessons as well as being a great leisure facility. This grant has enabled us to restore our pool to a high standard so that it can be enjoyed by school and communities for many more years to come, without having to compromise on student education in order to do so.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’We have supported many sports facilities over the years but never a swimming pool complex. The need for this improvement is clear to see, given the evident dilapidation prior to the works being completed. The fact that this project has both community and educational advantages, makes it even more worthwhile.’’