Cemfloor is suitable for a variety of applications; commercial and domestic floors, underfloor heating, wet rooms, unbonded or floating floors, new builds or renovations and single or multi story projects. Cemfloor is only installed by fully approved and trained applicators ensuring quality is never compromised.

There are three different products available in the Cemfloor range:

C20/FA - for domestic and underfloor heating

C25/F5 - for commercial use

C30/F6 - for special uses

  • Domestic
  • Commercial

Cemfloor provides the ideal solution for the domestic floor market. Its flowing properties make it easy and fast to install, and yet it is based on Cement and therefore has none of the concerns inherent with other flowing screeds.

There are no special measures required before applying adhesives or floor finishes to it and, as an added bonus, it drys relatively quickly when compared to other flowing or “ordinary” screed materials.

The commercial flooring market requires hardwearing and durable floors due to high traffic volumes, that are easy and fast to install, provide strength and at a cost effective price.

Cemfloor ticks all the boxes.

The installation time of Cemfloor screed is much less than that of traditional sand and cement screeds; therefore, the building time of the project is greatly reduced. Cemfloor can also receive foot traffic after 24 hours allowing other trades to continue working on the project after the screed has been installed.

Due to Cemfloors self-levelling properties smooth, level floors are easily achieved which simplifies the installation of the final floor coverings. 

Cemfloor is also ideally suited for use with underfloor heating due to its high thermal conductivity and reduced screed depths; this leads to a much more energy efficient and responsive heating system.

Cemfloor can be tailored to various industries such as manufacturing, medical, hospitality, retail, warehousing etc.


The versatility and application benefits that Cemfloor provides makes it the perfect solution for the large majority of our screed requirements. It can be installed quickly with foot traffic possible within 24-48 hours. In terms of performance, the fact that it drys within 10-28 days with minimal shrinkage (<0.05%) is just one of many benefits.
Tommy Roe

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