Caxton Village Hall

Residents in the civil parish of Caxton, Cambridgeshire will be glad to learn that one of the main amenities in the village has undergone improvements that will make it a much more welcoming and pleasant environment for visitors.

A £13,660 donation from local business Mick George Ltd has permitted maintenance work to be completed at the village hall.

More specifically, the store cupboard roof to the side of the hall has been repaired to prevent any further leaks, the walls have been subject to damp proofing with DPC injection and the damaged window arch has been refurbished.

The project arose following local consultation with residents who unanimously supported the proposed upgrades.

It is envisaged that the changes will help attract more diverse social groups, helping to sustain to the long-term future of the amenity. The destination is already utilised as a Polling Station, as well as other groups’ such as Mums & Tots, Brownies, Beavers, Pilates, amongst others.

caxton village hall

They said:

Ben Stoehr, Acting Clerk at Caxton Parish Council said: ‘’The committee recognises that village hall is a community asset, so we were keen to make it a more comfortable location. We’re grateful to Mick George Ltd for their contribution in enhancing the facilities.’’

Jon Stump, Joint CEO at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’We have a very close relationships with the Parish Councils in and around our operating areas, as we’re appreciative of the support they’ve shown our business over the years. In return, we endeavour to help-out where we can.’’