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  1. SEPA Crackdown Highlights Scale of Waste Crime

    Scale of Waste Crime Highlighted

    Just over a quarter of of commercial waste vehicles stopped and checked during a Scottish Government clampdown were found to be unauthorised waste carriers.

  2. Importance of Sand

    Importance of Sand Recognised

    A recent study from the UNEP shows how important sand resources to global economic development.

  3. EFW tonnages increases 5% in 2021

    EFW tonnages increase 5.5% in 2021

    Energy from waste (EFW) plants in the UK processed 14.85 million tonnes of residual waste throughout 2021, which showed an increase of 800,000 tonnes (5.5%) from 2020.

  4. WAMITAB Qualified

    WAMITAB Qualified

    New to the Waste Industry and in fact, new to the world of full-time employment, Morgan Penfold has managed to achieve his WAMITAB qualification just one-year on since settling into his new career.

  5. Waste reduction to see ‘treatment costs of £3.6bn’

    Waste reduction to see ‘treatment costs of £3.6bn’

    Future costs and impacts from the government’s plans for a 50% reduction in residual waste by 2042 have been explained

  6. Government Missed Opportunity

    Government Missed Cement Opportunity

    Mineral experts have declared that the exclusion of cement and lime from carbon pricing compensation risks future investment for the UK.

  7. Demand For Construction Products Remain Strong

    Demand For Construction Products Remain Strong

    In it’s latest quarterly forecast, The Construction Products Association have identified Construction activity remains buoyant, but more challenging times may lie ahead.

  8. Analysis of Aggregates Refresh In The UK

    Analysis of Great British Aggregates

    The latest Analysis of Aggregates Replenishment in Great Britain report reviews the state of replenishment rates for the aggregates industry in 2021.

  9. Mick George Group Appoint New Contracting Business Development Manager

    New Contracting Business Development Manager Appointed

    The Mick George Group have signalled further intent to expand their already market-leading Contracting Division following the appointment of Jamie Saunders as Business Development Manager.

  10. Fly Tipping Concerns

    Fly Tipping Concerns

    Industry experts are developing concerns about the unintended consequences of the government’s fly-tipping consultation.

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