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Do you have a great idea for a new product or service?  Are you a local business start-up? Looking to expand your existing business? Perceived barriers on getting to the next level?

We believe we can help you make it succeed.

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then Mick George Ltd in association with PWC may have the solution.

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With many years of real experience building not just a business but a recognised, trusted and respected brand, we have gathered a wealth of experience which we would like to share. We have experienced the pain and the stress that building a business organically brings and understand the challenges and demands placed upon the shoulders of business owners.
We have the expertise, the resources, the infrastructure and direct access to people and markets that can help you begin your journey, accelerate the growth of your business or indeed help you develop and take your brilliant idea or product to the market significantly increasing the prospect of success.

Don’t risk your time and ideas with the traditional networks of Business Angels or “vulture” capitalist investor groups, tap into the minds and resources of one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses who have the proverbial “T Shirt” and continually diversified and defied considered opinion.

We are looking to invest in people and businesses that share our values and possess the energy, passion and desire to turn their business ambitions or brilliant idea into reality.

All you need to do is complete our online application form below, providing all the information requested and someone will be in contact to set up a meeting.

Start your business journey today with Mick George Ltd – No guarantees, just a succeeding mentality.

Why Choose Us?

As a major supplier to UK construction, and a leading independent waste management company with over 35 years’ experience, we know exactly what you need to make sure your business succeeds.
Our continuous emphasis on investment and development ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry, providing the highest possible standards, whilst delivering sustainable and competitive solutions.
Mick George Ltd work in close partnership with charities, environmental authorities, and local communities, investing over £600,000 annually in community based projects.

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