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Business Response

When businesses purchase a commercial property, whether that be an office, warehouse or retail environment, although with a certain degree of resent, it is generally accepted that at some stage longer term, faults, damage and general ‘wear and tear’ will inevitably arise.

However, we all share the collective hope that the level to which it occurs, costs and consequences, are all retained to a minimum, especially when this is likely to impact on the daily functionality of the business’s operations and profitability.

Whilst these dilemmas can never be deemed convenient, one thing you can almost guarantee, is that they will transpire in an occupation that on-site personnel are unable to offer a solution, and therefore professional external assistance is required to prevent any further issues.

It’s also a safe-bet to expect, for one reason or another, they’ll occur at the worst possible time. Typically, in the evening when all local tradesmen have clocked off for the day, leaving you with burst pipes, blocked drains, fire and security alarm issues, CCTV problems, air-conditioning glitches, or worst of all, no power supply. Yes, we’ve all been there!

Only a relatively short time ago, Mick George Ltd introduced a general Facilities Management service for that exact purpose. Made up of accredited local tradesmen, the business amalgamated a multitude of service provisions across an array of disciplines, commonly associated with commercial premises.

In a commercial market that is particularly buoyant, it’s no surprise that the service has quickly established itself, for which the Business Response service was born.

Which in reality means, organisations can call and log building maintenance problems, but more importantly have access to a team of personnel who can resolve such problems imminently. The company aims to assess issues within 3-hours, and stabilise before completing the appropriate repair works in a compete fashion.

Advancing its offering one step further, Mick George Ltd has activated a ‘planned maintenance’ package whereby companies can subscribe annually for peace of mind that should any issues arise, all is in hand.

What’s more, the initiative also incorporates a 24-hour response service. Three different levels of commitment are available, all of which cover building inspections and call-outs, as well as discounts for repairs, parts, checks and surveys.

From general maintenance, to full project management, Mick George’s Facilities Management Service do it all, and on projects of all sizes, supported by the natural benefits and assurance that a reputable brand offers. For friendly advice and free quotations, please click here

Many high-profile organisations are already using the service, they consist of large multinational chains such as Anglian Water and Subway, to regional football clubs like Cambridge United FC, right through to independent parties like Huntingdon Racecourse.

business response

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd. commented: ‘’Demand for such services was the reason we initially ventured in to this market space. Having said that, the sheer volume of enquiries we’ve received has been unprecedented. Although we suspected that a 24-hour service would be a natural progression over time, it has probably come around quicker than anticipated.’’

Stump continued: ‘’As with all of our other services, we’re keen to keep things fresh and provide our customers with exactly what they want, or need. On this occasion, it happens to be extended hours of operation. No doubt as the service gathers momentum, further changes will be prevalent.’’


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