Soil and bark

Soil and bark

When carrying out an outdoors project and looking to rework or reinvent a space such as a garden or an outdoor walkway, it’s vital you have all the right materials at hand to make things look great.

At Mick George, we offer fantastic soil and bark bulk bags that can help you easily create the kind of outdoor space you’re looking for.

So if you’re wanting to breathe some life into your flowerbeds, we offer composted bark that helps add nutrients and makes areas look more balanced.

We also stock bulk bags of mushroom compost, which helps enhance the physical structure of your soil, as well as the levels of organic material in the soil.

There are also bags of screened topsoil, play nuggets, woodchip and pine play bark available. These are great for creating visually-appealing outdoor areas and spaces that look full and complete.

Mick George can deliver your bulk bags within three days, and we are happy to drop it off on private property at locations within our delivery area.

Mick George bulk bags contain approximately 850kg of materials. These are high-quality products, and we have a large fleet of vehicles available to help get materials to you quickly and at a low cost.

Our soil and bark selection is one of many types of building materials available to buy at great low prices.

You can also pick up granite, limestone, slate and more from our range. And if you’re looking to regularly buy from us, why not open a Mick George account?

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