If you’re seeking high-quality building materials at excellent low prices, Mick George is the perfect place to start your search.

We offer a range of limestone options for you to buy from our online store and take advantage of for your own project.

Limestone can be used for building up tracks and paths, as well as for building up levels and fill. It can also be used to enhance plant growth by improving the alkaline levels of soil.

At Mick George, we sell cheap bags of limestone that come with 50mm clean, down and Type 1 graded limestone that can be bought individually or in bulk.

If you’re not sure how much limestone you need, use our Aggregate Volume Calculator and work out how much you should buy.

We can deliver your product to any private property. Make sure we deliver to your location using our postcode checker.

As well as limestone, we offer great bulk bags of building material including ballast, granite, gravel, sand and more. Make sure you get hold of all you need to make your latest project a true success with Mick George.

Bulk bags from Mick George contain approximately 850kg of materials that are high-quality and sourced from our own quarries. We also have a large fleet of vehicles available, as well as unlimited materials. This all means we are able to prioritise quick delivery and offering our customers cheap prices.

And if you’re a new Mick George customer, consider opening an account with us. You can take advantage of faster checkout, order tracking and more.

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  1. 50mm Clean Limestone
    50mm Clean Limestone

    Please note: Delivery will be made on a Hi-ab vehicle which requires 2.6m minimum for access. The arm on this vehicle can reach between 6-8m, varying on access & obstacles. *This is a building material, and we cannot guarantee the colour of the material. This material is not designed to be used as a decorative product. 

    Special Price £47.99 £39.99 per Bag Was £71.99 £59.99 per Bag
  2. 50mm Down Limestone
    50mm Down Limestone
    Special Price £53.99 £44.99 per Bag Was £71.99 £59.99 per Bag
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