Gravel is a flexible material that can be used for a variety of purposes when it comes to building projects.

Mick George offers a wide range of building materials that can help you get things spot on.

Included in our range are bulk bags of gravel that can be delivered to your location, provided you are within our delivery area, within three days.

Our bulk bags of gravel contain quarried, screened and washed gravel that comes in both rounded and angular particles.

This gravel is great for tasks such as drainage, making concrete and pipe bedding. Equally, if you’re looking for gravel for driveways, garden gravel or just cheap gravel for any outdoor use, we can help.

As our gravel is designed as a building material and not a decorative item, the colour cannot be guaranteed.

The Mick George delivery team will be happy to drop your gravel bag at private property within our delivery zones.

There’s a host of other building supplies available to buy in bulk bags from Mick George. Take a look through our granite, limestone, sand, slate and other purchasing options.

And if you’ve not shopped online with Mick George before, why not open an account with us?

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