Decorative Stone & Chippings

Decorative Stone & Chippings

Our decorative stones are the perfect solution to help you beautify your project. Whether you’re hoping to create a magnificent pathway to connect your garden and make it more useable, or simply want to create a luxurious rock flower bed, let us help you with our especially selected aggregates.

We supply stones of every variety and colour you could imagine (and some you couldn’t!), so you can perfect the style of you garden. Don’t settle for “good enough” when you can find something which truly expresses the uniqueness of your home’s landscaping.  

Note quite what you were looking for, perhaps looking for some highly practical stones? Explore our stock of Gravel and Chippings.

For larger areas that require an infill, Pebbles or Cobbles could be the ideal solution, however, if it is a driveway or path that you’re looking to create, then gravel or chippings could be best suited. Alternatively, if it’s more of a grassland or flower bed, then select Wood Bark to match the landscape.

Our best sellers include the popular Marble, Rainbow, Granite, Quartz, Basalt and Slate finishes, all of which are available in almost every colour possible, from basic Cotswold or Buff, right through to more extravagant Pinks, Red, and Greens.

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