Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags

By definition, ‘Building Materials’ is a generic term used to incorporate a whole host of vital components utilised to complete all sorts of construction projects.

For those ventures completed in the garden, specifically in relation to building or install works, Aggregates are of the upmost importance. They will often be utilised at the beginning of a development, but will form the foundation for any prevailing works.

Whether its Hardcore, Limestone, Sand, Concrete, Ballast, Topsoil or Granite that’s needed, you can be certain that Mick George Ltd are experts in this field, providing Primary and Recycled materials for all size and specifications. All are Cambs Spec approved, produced from their extensive network of quarries and batching plants.

Providing Aggregates for collection and delivery, in load sizes ranging from 1 – 29 tonnes, means they can provide a reliable delivery service to ensure your project remains on schedule without any disruption.

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