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Buffaload Charity Pull

Man vs Food’ is one thing, but Man vs Truck’ is another, especially when said vehicle is 40ft long, and weighs a mammoth 10 tonnes. However, in a bid to raise £25,000 for ‘The Boparan Charitable Trust’, that’s exactly what logistics firm Buffaload are attempting to do.

Buffaload is the largest independently owned double-deck trailer fleet operator in the UK, specialising in temperature control. From its ‘logistics’ division, based at Ellington, Cambridgeshire, the business will be hosting a special fundraising event which will see ‘The Beast’ Eddie Hall, start the ball rolling.

The 6XL, 31 stone’ frame of a man, seems an appropriate choice to lead the challenge, but it will be a team of drivers, and other business associates that will take on the challenge from the half way mark, hoping to transport the truck to its final destination, 20 meters further on.

Local business Mick George Ltd, who also lead the way in haulage, has offered its assistance. In addition to providing one of their new ‘City Safety Vehicles’ which will be utilised to anchor the harness for the pull’, the company has also donated £5,000 to the cause, and will have a team in attendance, looking to conquer the grueling encounter.

The event takes place on Saturday 8th July, 2017, 12pm – 4.30pm.

All monies raised will go to the Boparan Charitable Trust, a national charity that was set up in 2009, helping to change the lives of those with disabilities, life limiting conditions and living in extreme poverty.

The totaliser currenty stands at £5,550 of donations, so there is still a long way to go to reach the intended milestone. You can give your support at

buffaload charity pull

They said:

Garry Woodcock, Concrete Operations Manager and participant, commented: ‘’As a business we annually contribute just shy of £1million to charity, or sponsorship causes, which reflects just how important we consider these enterprises.’’

Woodcock continued: ‘’Credit to Buffaload in their proactive and creative efforts to generate funds that will be of great help to the charity in question. We have a few big’ lads that will be taking on the challenge, but we’re expecting it to be a tough ordeal.’’


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