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British Heart Foundation

For the past two years, Mick George Ltd has provided financial support to a value in excess of £250,000 as part of its ‘Charity of the Year’ commitments, to Sue Ryder and Addenbrookes Charitable Trust, respectively.

And the business seems to have upped the stakes for 2017, with the announcement that Mick George Ltd has formed a coalition with multiple, major national charities, providing support on a regional level.

One of which that Mick George Ltd has pledged to donate funds too, is the ‘British Heart Foundation’. To kick-start the initiative, the company has already given £1,500, from recent fundraising activities that were pursued at Peterborough United FC and Truckfest last month.

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With over 50 years of funding cutting edge research, the ‘British Heart Foundation’ has established itself as the UK’s number one heart charity, but still faces a tough task in leading the fight against Coronary heart disease, the UK’s single biggest killer.

Nigel Cole, Fundraising Manager at British Heart Foundation stated:"Everyone here at the BHF is excited about working with Mick George Ltd. We are looking forward to exploring the synergy between two top brands in their respective fields and hopefully having lots of fun on the way. The opportunity to engage with all the team at Mick George Ltd is something I’m personally eager to develop, together we can make such a difference to the huge group of people living with heart disease across the UK today.''

The British Heart Foundation have done a tremendous job in its attempts to overcome a sever health issue that has become the UK's single killer, for a number of years now, and despite infinate progression, the organisation still requires the support of the nation to make further advances in cutting edge research.

The unfortunate reality is that the demographics that are most prone to the likelihood of Colonary Heart Disease, directly correlates with many of the employees at Mick George Ltd, but also many of the family, friends, suppliers and customers of the businesses stakeholders.

As well as the finances being provided, one of the main benefits of the partnership is the specialist training and awareness that can be generated from the partnership.

BHF are also completing important clinical works' at Addenbrooke's Hospital, which plays a vital part to the community in which the business operates.

Throughout the 12 month partnership, Mick George Ltd has planned a number of fundraising activities to generate funds for BHF. Schedule includes:

- June 17' : 'Wear it, Beat it' 

- June 17' : County Bike Ride

- July 17' : Sports Day

- August 17' : World Record Day

- Septemeber 17' : Coffee Morning

- October 17' : Restart a Heart Day

- November 17' : Family Fun Day

- January 18' : Nattion of Lifesavers CPR Training Day

- March 18' : Easter Dress Down Day

- April 17' : Go Green for Macmillan

- May 18' : Fundraising Extravaganza

More events will be added, so please keep an eye out.

Anywhere you feel you can help, or ideas, please be in contact.

Mick George Ltd are hoping to raise in excess of £100,000 for the charities selected for support in 2017.

As we have witnessed in previous year. the financial assistance goes a long way in helping great causes.

Rest assured, all funds donated will be invested in the on-going research that the British Heart Foundation will continue to complete in its quest to make further developments in providing specialist treatments to prevent and overcome Colonary Heart Disease.


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