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Breast Cancer Now

Last Friday was ‘Wear it Pink’ day, Breast Cancer’s flagship fundraising event where men and women across the country are encouraged to wear Pink in the office, home or at school.

This is a day to stand out, stand together and stand for something affecting everyone in one way or another. Every year more than 50,000 mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, and 350 men will be newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thanks to research, more people are surviving Breast Cancer than ever before and Mick George Ltd has been doing their part to support life-saving breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Now

The office surrounding was transformed in to a deluge of Pink with banners, bunting and balloons, while it became clear that employees have an eclectic fashion sense when it comes to Pink attire. Staff had also been busy baking in a bid to raise money for the cause. A commendable £200 was raised from the various initiatives.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd: ‘’The statistics related to Breast Cancer are staggering, but it’s clear to see initiatives such as ‘Breast Cancer Now’ are having a positive impact’’.

Stump Continued: ‘’As with Movember, we are keen to show our support to campaigns that influence the lives of those that interact with the business, whether that is as an employee or customer. The staff certainly brightened up the day and raised a few eyebrows with their fashion selections. It was a fantastic effort to support a great charity’’.


Charity of the year
We are so grateful that the team at Mick George Ltd chose to help us with this project. Patients, visitors and staff alike will get a great deal of benefit from the garden and we are excited to see it blossom in the months and years to come.
Stephen Davies, Chief Executive of Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

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