ForgeFix are one of the leading suppliers of fixing and fastening products in the UK. With an exceptional, vast collection of screws, bolts, nuts, nails and more, this company boasts more than 3,000 different product lines, giving customers plenty of scope to find exactly what they’re looking for.

We offer hundreds of these ForgeFix products for our customers at Mick George, making it easy for you to get hold of top quality items at prices you will love.

If you’re in need of screws, Mick George offers a massive selection of ForgeFix screws for our customers – a range wide enough to get their specific job done.

We stock Baypole screws, Drywall screws, Roofing screws, Socket screws, Self-Tapping screws and Screw eyes – so take a look today.

There are also a host of nails in our range, providing variety and options for jobs and giving customers a number of strong options.

You can select from Cut Clasp, Lost Head and Oval Head nails from within our range, while pronged nuts and shear nuts are also available.

There are also cable clips and cable ties from ForgeFix available from Mick George, while threaded rods and through bolts also comprise parts of our range.

The full scale of our collection from ForgeFix is impressive, so whatever fixing and fastening products you need, search our site and find what’s right for you.

You can also sign up for an account with Mick George today and capitalise on excellent trade prices. So be sure not to miss out.

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