Keeping a garden looking as you want it is no mean feat. Having luscious lawns, great green plants and fantastic flowers is the aim of most gardeners. But turning that vision into a reality takes dedication and hard work.

These outdoor spaces require regular watering and care, particularly in the warm and dry summer months.

That’s why getting hold of exceptional hose and watering items from Flopro can be so beneficial. With a powerful hose, spray gun or sprinkler at your disposal, gardeners can create a piece of paradise in their garden and enjoy tranquil green spaces to their fullest extent.

At Mick George, we stock an excellent, wide-spanning range of Flopro products that are the ideal addition to the gardeners’ arsenal.

We stock hoses, hose carts, connectors, spray guns and hose repairers that can cater to your watering needs with ease.

Mick George also stocks water sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers and telescopic water lances. These items allow customers to water areas of their garden in style, with effective tools to get the job done.

There are also mechanical and digital timers to give users better control over when watering jobs are being done, while Four Way Tap connectors can be used to spread water across different areas of a garden.

Of course, Flopro’s range has more scope for use than just gardening. You can find tools for cleaning exteriors walls, cars, bikes and other items easily and effectively at Mick George today.

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