Building and DIY is not all about heavy lifting and intense labour. Sometimes tasks require subtle touches to create a lasting effect.

Everbuild are manufacturers of high-quality products covering sealants, adhesives and building chemicals designed to support DIY and building tasks and provide a great level of support.

80% of Everbuild products are created in the company’s own factory, helping the Everbuild to maintain a high level of quality across its brand.

At Mick George, we stock caustic soda from Everbuild that is great for use around the home or workplace. Once added to water, this granular powder creates a solution that unblocks drains easily and is perfect for heavy-duty cleaning.

This soda removes build up from within drains and allows water to drain easily, preventing unhealthy blockages and water build up.

Everbuild are also known for their highly-effective adhesive products – a selection of which we stock at Mick George.

Ideal for both professional and DIY usage, the contact adhesives we stock from Everbuild are ideal to use for bonding laminates, wood, rigid PVC, leather, cork, linoleum, rubber and many other surfaces.

The adhesive also comes in an easy-to-apply liquid formula, making the product’s usability very high.

Take a look through our range of Everbuild products today and find a great purchase. You can also register with Mick George and sign up for excellent trade prices.

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