3 in One

3 in One

You can stock up on excellent 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose oil products from Mick George and tackle various jobs around your home, garden or workplace with ease.

3-IN-ONE oil has lubricating properties that means it is ideally suited for work on a whole host of things that move or have moving parts. The oil keeps things operating as they should and lets you get the most out of them.

The oil is also able to penetrate and clean surfaces thoroughly, with protective qualities to boot. This means the metal surfaces of things like bolts, locks, bearings, saw blades and more can be kept in a better condition.

Add 3-IN-ONE oil to hinges and tools to keep them working smoothly. The oil also works wonders on items such as bicycles and roller skates, allowing for parts to work together effortlessly.

At Mick George, we stock excellent items from 3-IN-ONE to help you complete tasks, protect surfaces and keep things in working order.

Whether you are looking for 3-IN-ONE oil in Flexicans or Aerosol Can format, at Mick George we can meet your needs.

We also stock Penetrant sprays to tackle rusting and stuck bolts and nuts, as well as Silicone sprays to provide a quick drying coating. White Lithium sprays from 3-IN-ONE also help to prevent rust and corrosion setting in and is perfectly suited for automobile, marine and workshop purposes.

You can buy these items online from Mick George today, or register with us and take advantage of excellent trade prices.

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