Bluntisham Cricket Club: Practice Nets

Mill Lane, Recreation Ground which plays host to activities of Bluntisham Cricket Club has an impressive new, modern duel lane practice facility courtesy of a substantial £35,000 grant from local business Mick George Ltd.

Located adjacent to the Village Hall, the new amenity is far less intrusive to that which was situated in its place beforehand, naturally blending in with the surroundings.

Serving Cricket for four local villages, consisting of all genders, ages and abilities, the new training aid is anticipated to prove a real hit given its capacity to facilitate improved performance levels of those utilising the facility, while further encouraging others to get involved.

The net’ replaces the 30-year-old, single lane system that had become cause for concern after falling in to a state of disrepair and will become a focal point of structured-development coaching sessions permitted to each of the senior, junior, school, women’s and county grass-root sessions that take place at the venue.

Already attracting significant numbers, including a thriving youth section, it is thought that the amount of visitors to the location will vastly grow to around 160 per week once the new facility is in full swing, becoming somewhat of a community hub for social and organised events.

bluntisham cricket club

They said:

Nigel Slack, Bluntisham Cricket Club said: ‘’This facility will secure long-term sustainability of our Cricket Club, providing a central point of focus for the community of Bluntisham and surrounding villages. The committee feel an enormous amount of responsibility given the lack of nearby amenities of a similar nature. The new practice-net should certainly relieve some of that pressure in providing adequate Cricketing opportunities.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Our involvement with the local cricketing scene is certainly increasing, having supported a variety of nearby Clubs with comparable projects. The feedback from each of those has been very positive and I expect it will be exactly the same in this instance.’’