Football Basic Control - Skills School

Mick George in association with Peterborough United FC have combined to deliver a skills school, to show various football techniques. This episode looks at basic control.

Ryan Semple, coach at Peterbrough United FC and former player, as well as a few of the clubs academy players provide detailed examples and methods to best keep control of the ball when receiving.

Practice Techniques

This exercise is best practiced in pairs. To start with, position yourselves approximately 5 yards apart and repeatedly pass the ball back and forth.

When comfortable, and in complete control of the ball, increase the distance at  a further 5 yard intervals. Continue up to a total distance of approximately 25 yards.

This will naturally test your passing accuracy and allow you to receive the ball at different heights and speeds, which will replicate a real match environment.

If practicing alone, kick the ball against a wall and control the rebound before returning it.

Alternate between feet to test your ability.

Tips and Advice

The best way to receive the ball is to cushion it with your instep. To do this, you will need to adjust your body acccordingly while the ball is in motion.

It won't always be appropriate to use your instep, sometimes the outside of your boot will be a better option. Likewise, if the ball arrives at a higher position, then your thigh or chest could be a wiser alternative.

The important thing regardless of which part of your body you use to control the ball, is that it remains in your possesion, and that you're able to distribute it how you wish, either a pass or shot.