It may be the weekend, but that only means one thing, more time to exercise!

Workout: All body circuit

Tasks: BW Squats x 12 / Burpees x 20 / S/L Calf Raises x15 (E/S) / Jumping Lunges x 10 (E/S) / S/L Dead Lifts x 10 (E/S) / Squat Jumps x 15

Micks Tips: Complete each exercise without a break in between. Once one circuit is complete, have a 2 minute rest before resuming  - Repeat 3 circuits

Food Plan

Breakfast: 2-3 Scrambled Eggs, Beans, 1-2 Wholemeal Toast, and 1 Banana

Lunch: Jacket Potato, Tuna, and mixed Salad

Dinner: Chilli, Wholegrain Rice, and mixed Salad

Snacks: Natural Yogurt (add mixed fruit Berries)

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