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Asbestos Charity Donation

Over recent times, huge strides forward have been achieved in relation to Asbestos linked healthcare issues, and one of the fundamental reasons behind the continued progression, is Leicestershire based charity, Mesothelioma UK.

A national specialist resource centre, dedicated to providing information, support and education for Asbestos-related-Cancer, the charity integrates into the NHS front-line to ensure professional nursing is available at the point of need, achieved through a growing network of specialist nurses, regionally based in NHS hospitals throughout the country.

And that network has recently increased, alongside a number of other significant developments, thanks to generous donations from those associated with the charity. One of which was a £1,500 grant from Construction Company, Mick George Ltd who struck a partnership with Mesothelioma UK earlier this year, given the natural linkages that exist with its fully accredited Asbestos Management service.

The collaboration seems to be a logical one, and is certainly paying dividends, as the Charity has this week relocated to new upgraded premises in the Birstall region of the City, to cater for the expansion of the provisions supplied by the charity.

Other major breakthroughs include, the 13th Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) positioned in Wales, and agreement for a further five CNS’s to be in place by November 2017. Additionally, plans are being formalised for the third National Mesothelioma Audit due 2018, as well as ongoing progress with a number of studies and research in to various aspects of the disease, including Radio Meso’ which examines a patient experience at the point of diagnosis.

Last month, eight venues up and down the country hosted wonderful events in support of ‘Action Mesothelioma Day’, an annual occasion to raise awareness and pay tributes to all those affected by the disease.

It doesn’t stop there either, 13th October, 2017 is the annual Patient and Carer Day for people with Mesothelioma and their families, friends and carers to learn, share and meet others in a similar situation. Held in Teddington, London, the day will include guest speakers from various medical backgrounds.

Mesothelioma uk

They said:

Liz Darlison, Mesothelioma UK Director of Services and Consultant Nurse at UHL, commented: “The UK has the highest incidence of mesothelioma in the world and with asbestos being at the heart of this disease, there’s a real connection here with Mick George Ltd’s expertise in surveying, stripping, carriage and disposal of asbestos. We are delighted to be working together and greatly appreciate this donation.’’

Michael George, Contracts Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Our experience in handling Asbestos, means we’re well placed to understand the dangers, and unfortunate outcomes if not dealt with in the appropriate manner.‘’

George continued: ‘’One of the reasons that we partnered with Mesothelioma UK is their amazing works being completed to aid prevention, treatment and cure of Asbestos Linked Healthcare. We hope that with our support, further headway can be made.’’


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