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Mick George Concrete Ltd are associated with the large volume Concrete Supply for the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme

This £1.5 billion Highways England project is being delivered by the A14 Integrated Delivery Team (a four way contractor joint venture of Costain, Skanska, Balfour Beatty and Carillion and a design joint venture of Atkins and CH2M), creating 21 miles of improved and new A14 carriageway. The new road will open by the end of 2020, with some work, such as the removal of the Huntingdon viaduct continuing beyond that.

The scheme will relieve congestion, reduce accidents, connect communities and decrease journey times along this currently congested section of the strategic road network.

Most of the concrete supplied by Mick George Ltd will come from dedicated batching plants which have been set up on site at two of the main construction compound areas in Brampton and Ermine Street. Any additional requirements will be delivered from the company's existing facilities in the surrounding area.

Watch the Great Ouse Viaduct Bridge being constructed.

Client:A14 Integrated Delivery Team (A14 IDT)
Location:Cambridge - Huntingdon
Project:A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme (road infrastructure)
Volume:300,000m3 over 3.5 years
a14 road infrastructure concrete
a14 road infrastructure concrete
a14 road infrastructure concrete

Brampton Compound

The Civils package included the construction of a hopper ramp, wedge pit, aggregate bins, asphalting and concrete hard-standings to facilitate the batching plant, for which concrete is exclusively supplied to the A14 project.

The works also included placing over 250 George blocks to build the hopper ramp and bin stores, as well as 150 Legato blocks to form the aggregate bins.

The wedge pit captures all excess water from the batching operation and features a 'sheet and double frame temporary works' design.

Total build value £500,000.

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