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05.07.2016 - A sound improvement for Film Nights thanks to Mick George Ltd

After finally receiving support and funding to begin the project in 1986, ‘Victory Hall’ was an idea that dates back 46 years from concept initiation at the end of World War 2 until completion in 1991, but still remains to the day an appreciated amenity in the community of Somersham.

Officially opened by the then local MP and Prime Minister, John Major, the facilities are now divided in to two separate halls that play host to some 20 regular hiring groups of various professions or requirements in order to control overheads.
Having acknowledged difficulties with acoustic and echoing problems, subsequently making it difficult for those using the facility to communicate, the committee have been actively seeking funding to rectify.

Courtesy of money received from Mick George Ltd, essential maintenance is underway to install acoustic panels, remedial insulation, black-out blinds and curtains as well as projector equipment.

Lesley Minter, Chair of Trustees said: “We are delighted to receive the grant from the Mick George Community Fund to help us put our improvements in place. Several regular groups, some of whom have hearing impairments, will benefit from the developments. We would like to thank Mick George Ltd for this generous contribution to our village hall.”

It is anticipated that the amendments will encourage more groups to use the hall, whilst enabling new monthly film nights for local residents to enjoy. Both of which are viewed of significant importance to sustainably run the premises long term, maintaining a low rate for hire.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Since launching the Mick George Community fund in excess of £1million pound has been invested, and although in comparable terms this is smaller than some of the projects we’ve supported, it certainly means equally as much to those who will benefit from the improvements.’’


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