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A rallying call to Slowwwww Down

Despite numerous attempts, and various mechanisms for conveying the message to ‘slow down’ on our counties roads, and village settings specifically, it seems not everyone is adhering to the instructions and legal obligations.

Previously, local business Mick George Ltd had partnered with Community Roadwatch (UK) CIC, in a joint venture to deliver a ‘safer road’ initiative that consisted of ‘no drive zones, advisory speed limits, reduced speed limits, commercial truck demonstrations and the installation of speed indicating devices.’

This time around they’ve combined again, and hope that displaying the message in ‘volume’ will have the desired impact. It is not always easy to find suitable fixed locations to tangibly position signage where traffic volumes are at a high, but the two have come up with a simple, yet ingenious way of utilising one asset to do so, with the waste bin, contained by all households.

It is anticipated that residents within the regions affected would be more than willing to show their support for the traffic calming operation and although the strongest visual impression will be reduced to bin collection days, this ‘drive’ provides the perfect opportunity and excuse to leave your bins out slightly longer than necessary.

The stickers have been designed to follow the traditional format for ‘speed’ related instructions as implemented by the Highway Agency, so should be easily recognisable to road users and passersby. Designed for 20, 30 and 40mph zones, they could be popping up near you soon enough.

Present at the photo call was Cllr Steve Criswell, Joe Gossage, as well as Dave McCandless and John Davies from Community Roadwatch UK.

speed bin stickers

What They Said:

Dave McCandless, Managing and Coordinating Director of Community Roadwatch (UK) CIC, has been in discussions with Parish Councils within the region to help with distribution: ‘’Up to now the response has been positive, we issued the first lot of stickers in Somersham today, with other Village locations set to follow shortly. These will include, Colne, Wyton on the Hill, Haddenham, Warboys to start with.’’

Joe Gossage, Transport Manager at Mick George Ltd: ‘’With vehicles and transport such a large part of our business dependency, we recognise we have a responsibility as an employer, and to our clients, or customers, in the regions which we operate, to ensure sufficient safety precautions are in place.’’

Gossage Continued: ‘’We are always seeking to be pro-active in our approach, and hope this initiative helps to improve road safety further.’

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