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05.12.2016 - A Cultivating Story......

Dating back to 1970, the East of England Agricultural Society remains as active as ever, with a dynamic programme for knowledge transfer among farmers and others engaged in the technical side of the agri sector. 

Recognising that the next generation has to deal with numerous challenges being set today, ‘Cultiv8’ members group is the most recent addition, specifically targeting professionals within agricultural and allied industries.

The Society works hard to develop collaborative opportunities with other positive minded bodies, to share ideas and knowledge, for their own benefit and that of the wider food, farming and countryside industry.

The group, which is based at the Showground, Peterborough has networked with local business Mick George Ltd to uncover how the businesses operations impact and relate to the agricultural industry.

Mick George Ltd, has led the independent waste management sector for over 35 years, and is a major supplier to the UK construction industry, providing Earthworks, Demolition, Land Remediation, Aggregate and Concrete services. 

The informal discussion covered a multitude of topics, with the theme of learnings, growth and achievement particularly apparent throughout. The business which has ambitious forecasts of £120million revenue for the next financial year, has generated rapid expansion in many areas. 22 operating sites, 350 vehicles, 1000 employees, as well as geographical and market diversification are just some of the headline figures that were shared.

The company which started out from humble beginnings, ‘one man, one tipper, one dream’ has evolved in to a much larger outfit, but remains very much focussed on the challenge in hand. The sharing of how this was accomplished will most certainly be beneficial to the ‘Cultiv8’ group.

Charles Robinson, spokesperson from the East of England Agricultural Society said: ‘’Everyone who attended has expressed that the presentation was a great insight in to a company everyone can relate to. It was an inspiring story to see exactly how Mick George Ltd has developed and its role within the agricultural sector.’’

Robinson continued: ‘’Our aim of promoting drive, innovation and excellence were certainly mirrored in the talks. We are constantly trying to encourage our members to push boundaries and go beyond comfort zones with their businesses, and the evidence of Mick George Ltd doing just that was there for all to see.’’

One of the more predominant services that Mick George Ltd offer to Landowners is the opportunity to trade underlying minerals in exchange for royalties, or sustainable water resources.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’It was a pleasure to hold such an informative and interactive session, and hope it was a useful experience for the group.’’

Stump continued: ‘’We have established many strong relationships with landowners throughout the country, providing mutually profitable benefits. We’re always seeking new partnerships, so the chance to meet with groups such as ‘Cultiv8’ is something we welcome.’’


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