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A Complete Guide to Paving Stone

Here’s our complete guide to our natural stone paving slabs, helping you to decide what paving is right for your next project.

Our complete guide to paving stone

Natural stone paving tiles are still one of the most popular choices for outdoor patios, pathways, driveways and utility areas. Natural stone paving, whether limestone, sandstone, slate or granite not only looks attractive, but also offers something more than that. Natural stone paving slabs form a durable and hardwearing surface that will last for years to come.

Want to find out more about the different kinds of paving slabs and what would suit your needs? Follow our handy guide below!

What are natural stone tiles made from?

The three stronger natural stone paving slabs are granite, limestone and sandstone:

  • Granite Granite is great for outdoor natural stone flooring because it is hardwearing. It also offers a high integral strength and density which makes granite natural paving slabs an option that is very easy to maintain.
  • Limestone Limestone is a very popular choice for patio slabs. Limestone paving comes in a wide array of beautiful and unique colour variations which can make your garden patio truly unique. You can choose just one colour for a uniform affect, or mix different colours for a contrasting look.
  • Sandstone Sandstone paving is one of the most commonly used paving slabs for pavements in shopping centres and high streets, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suit your garden or driveway! It’s a natural choice when it comes to outdoor flooring and it’s very durable so ideal for high-traffic areas.

Common uses for paving tiles

Natural stone patio slabs are sturdy by nature, this means that they can bear heavy loads without damage. Due to the sturdy, low maintenance and durable qualities of natural stone tiles, they are well-suited for walking on or running on. The durability of natural paving slabs also makes them suitable for driveways, as well as patios and paths in your garden.

However, there are some other uses of natural paving tiles that are less common. For example, need an anti-slip paving option for when you step out of the hot tub, swimming pool or paddling pool? Natural stone paving tiles will offer your feet grip with their anti-slip surface.

Natural stone paving slabs also make a great choice when you are creating a fishpond in your garden. This natural stone can be used for both elevated and sunken fishponds.

What’s the best paving type for my patio?

When it comes to natural stone paving, Why not have a think about what design you want your patio to look like? It’s easier to choose the right natural stone paving slabs for your patio area once you have an idea of how what design you have in mind. Some natural paving slabs lend themselves better to some designs than others.

For example, a natural limestone paving slab evokes a subtle beauty. This can make it ideal for both contemporary or traditional patio areas.

One of the best natural stone pavers for patios and practicality is sandstone. Natural sandstone paving is stunning and it’s well known for being long-lasting and reliable. It is also a natural stone flooring that is really easy to clean and maintain.

Slate paving slabs are a good option for natural stone flooring because they are durable and have low water absorption. This makes them the ideal patio slabs for garden flooring because they won’t be damaged after frosty nights or a fierce thunderstorm.

Due to the huge variety of colours, materials, shades, shapes and sizes of paving slabs that we supply, you can create your ideal patio, unique to your home and garden.

Check out our favourite paving slabs below and see which works for your garden.

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