£5,000 Shopping Spree Winner

One month back, Mick George Ltd launched a spectacular competition, which gave the general public the opportunity to win a £5,000 shopping spree on their new website. The platform showcases an increased range of retail products that would help spruce up any home and garden.

As you would expect with such an attractive proposition, the submission of applicants was excessive, with more than 5,000 individuals seeking to win the prize fund.

And what merely started out as an online order for some ‘Topsoil’ for one lucky person, has transpired to be a particularly well informed decision. Tom Wright of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire has bagged himself an impressive cash reward.

Selected at random, it would be difficult to suggest a worthier winner. Having moved in to their new home 18 months back, Tom and his wife have made small inroads in to the major renovation works that were originally planned when purchasing the property, but after welcoming a new addition to the family, the developments came to a grinding halt.

Consequently, the family had to tighten the ‘purse-strings’ putting any upgrades on the back-burner, so when confronted with the possibility to win some extra funds “it was a no-brainer”. Tom himself declared that the house was proving ‘a bit of a project’, so has already clearly identified where the money is going to be invested.

The ‘70’s monstrosity’ of a Bathroom is first to go under the hammer, with the Garden also set to receive some DIY treatment.

This isn’t the first time that the business has divulged in such generous offerings. 18 months back, when the company propelled its Home and Garden range initially, the company provided a £10,000 garden makeover, which received excellent feedback, creating a remarkable transformation.

5,000 shopping spree

They said:

Tom Wright said: ‘’Never in a million years did we think we would win, we’re over the moon to have been chosen. We’re really delighted with this excellent news, and are extremely grateful to Mick George Ltd for their generosity.’’

Wright continued: ‘’£5,000 is such a lot of money, which will allow us to undergo some much needed renovation works to our house. As soon I heard, my wife and I headed straight to the website to start spending. We can’t believe our luck’’.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’As well as a general thank you to the local communities who have supported the business over the years, the competition was an intentional strategy to attract more people to our new website to reveal exactly what Mick George Ltd now provide in terms of products and services.’’

Stump continued: ‘’Commonly associated with ranges perceived to be more construction orientated, we’re keen to advise that we now have a much wider retail offering. Although we’re actively adding new products all the time, the response we’ve received from those who have visited the site has been extremely positive. We’re very happy that the funds have provided such happiness for the eventual winner, and look forward to seeing any renovations achieved as a result.”